Drink More Water: IOBT’s EIGHT a day challenge

I recently wrote a blog post for The Scout Guide about how to look and feel your best this summer.  Step 1 was to Drink More Water and I realized that I could use a little motivation and a few reminders to drink more water every day.

Why is water so important?

Here are a few of the functions of water in the body:

  • regulates body temperature
  • moistens the tissues in the skin, mouth, nose, and eyes
  • protects organs and tissues
  • aides in digestion and metabolic function and helps to prevent constipation
  • lubricates joints
  • flushes waste products, lessening the burden on the kidneys and liver
  • dissolves minerals and nutrients making them accessible to your body
  • carries nutrients and oxygen to ALL of your cells!


So here is the challenge: Commit to drinking 8 cups of water every day for the month of June and see how you feel!

Here’s the plan… it’s pretty simple!

Pick a water bottle (preferably glass or stainless steel) to make your drinking experience more enjoyable.

Here is mine:

Figure out how many cups of water your bottle holds to determine how many bottles you will need to drink to meet the “8 a day” goal.  Remember it is 8 CUPS of water (64oz), not necessarily 8 bottles of water!  I will need to drink just over 4 ½ bottles (mine holds 14 oz) to meet the goal.

Here are a few ways to make sure you are getting enough water throughout your day:

  • start your morning off with a glass (or two) of water, even before your coffee or tea
  • carry a bottle with you wherever you go (make sure you are not leaving plastic water bottles in your hot car…the chemicals from the bottle can seep into your water… Choose glass or stainless steel instead!)
  • choose water over sweet teas or sodas…better yet, eliminate sugary and diet drinks altogether!
  • drink an extra glass (or two) after a hard workout
  • spice things up by adding lemon, lime, orange, berries, cucumber, or any other fruit or herb to your water
  • drink water when you are feeling hungry between meals or when you are craving something sweet or salty…often we “think” we are hungry when are bodies are actually dehydrated

If you would like to join me, please follow along on this blog, Instagram (insideoutdurham), Twitter (InsideOut Pilates) and on Facebook. Use #IOBT8aday to share your stories, pictures, and successes!

I hope you will join me on this healthy June challenge!  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Drink More Water: IOBT’s EIGHT a day challenge

  1. I’m in !!!!! As a senior citizen, I have come to the realization that staying hydrated is extremely important. I have been drinking 48 ounces of water a day for the last couple of months and I have really noticed the difference that it makes. I will up my consumption to 64 ounces a day for June !!!

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