Healthy Eating: Thai Peanut Empowered Noodle Bowl

One of my goals for this blog was to provide information on all areas of Healthy Living, therefore I have decided to start posting healthy recipes from our clients and staff!  If you have a recipe you would like to share, please let me know.  We will mainly be sharing recipes that incorporate seasonal, whole foods.
The first recipe is a suggestion from Lorien, one of our fabulous Pilates instructors.  Lorien has been making a conscious effort to eat more fresh foods and this is one of her favorite new recipes.
She made this delicious recipe substituting summer squash for the cucumber and agave for sugar.  It tasted so yummy and she loved the feeling she got from eating this light and fresh meal!
This recipe is from another blog ( and comes from a great cookbook:  The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow From The Inside Out.  How could we NOT love a cookbook with that title?!
**Check out Lorien’s bio on our staff page and join her for a private or class!**

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