So much more than an equipment class – Guest post by an IOBT client

Sometimes in the midst of the chaos of everyday life, it is easy to forget WHY we do what we do.  This weekend I was reminded of my “why”…

Here is an email from one of our regular clients who has found Pilates to be an integral part of his workout routine and life in general.  His enthusiasm is contagious.  Enjoy this guest post as this client shares his experience of Pilates.

“Recently, I secured my usual spot in a Saturday morning equipment class.  But something was different about this Saturday from the time I walked through the IOBT front door.  There seemed to be more than the normal good feeling and upbeat atmosphere of people enjoying the experience of improving their health.  You may know or recognize the vibe I am talking about.  I always feel like something changes in me when I pass through the front door at IOBT.  You know you are in a special place.

Upon arriving, I encountered a friend who introduced me to her friend who is training for a 100 mile run (26 hours).  Seriously, a 100 mile run!  Exercising for 26 hours!!  How’s that for morning motivation?  They came excited to stretch.   As I moved from the reception area to the claim my equipment, the previous hours classes were ending.  People were transitioning, cleaning equipment, discussing, sharing, hugs were being exchanged, but most all the people seemed curiously pleased with the past hour’s accomplishment and subsequent result.  I noticed the look on their faces more today.  They had a look about them that said the last hour improved their health and their day.  I was happy for them and now even more ready for my class.  I was ready for the same experience, just in my own way.  The usual Saturday studio buzz was at a heighten level for me this day and I was embracing it even before class got going.  If someone could run for 26 hours, I could work hard for 55 minutes.

I kept to my morning routine of stretching and foam rolling prior to leaving the house even doing one extra roll down just to be sure I was warmed up.  So we got started; and it was as if a perfect storm came together.  My mind was in the right place and my ears were ready to “really” listen to the instruction and my body was ready too.  Something new and different was going on this Saturday in this class.  We were mixing it up and going out of order some and my body was reacting.  It was connecting my mind to the instruction and things were happening – good things.  The idea of using the core to push through or push up reached a new level and took on a meaning.  Every twist, crunch and stretch seemed to engaged a new muscle or tendon that had been resting for days, weeks, months, maybe even years.  Hamstrings and glutes were active, stressed, and reacting in ways they had not before.  My spine was lengthening more and bending further than it had before.  I was feeding off my classmates in new ways.  My facial expressions were telling the story.  I was finding great joy in what might have seemed like painful expressions.  It was more an expression of “where did that come from” or ‘wow does that feel good.”  This is why I love Pilates so much.  It changes you on a class by class basis. There is always more, always another level.   If your mind and ears are ready, your body will react in ways that are remarkable.  I didn’t want it to end.  I wanted another hour.  I wanted the instructor to suggest another move.  No such luck.  Our time was up and I had to be content with looking forward to my next class.

As I left the studio the benefits of the past hours work lingered on most of the day.  Fibers were twitching and muscles were making connections in ways that gave me a an added bounce in my step throughout the day.  I had better posture.  I was more focused, more mindful.  I felt stronger, healthier.  Sleep that night was more sound and restful.  Do you know the feelings?  It was as if my body was saying – “I like it when you take me to that place (IOBT).”  This was my Pilates moment.  I hope you find your moments and experience the joy of this fantastic Pilates lifestyle and special studio called IOBT.”

This is why I practice and teach Pilates and I am so grateful to have an impact on the health and happiness of my clients.  It also makes me appreciate all of the passionate, knowledgeable, and highly qualified practitioners I have the privilege of working with everyday.  Thank you all for being my WHY...~Mischa

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