Beyond TRX

Guest post by IOBT personal trainer, Adam Decker.


I hadn’t heard of Pilates before 2010 and I honestly hadn’t thought much about fitness in general up to this point.  Sure, I went through several different phases of “cutting weight” and “beefing up” in the gym to get ready for a tour or reality TV gig, but I didn’t do any of it for health purposes.

Flash forward six years…I now have a wife and two kids and a strong practice at InsideOut doing personal training based in the principles of Pilates.  I teach using the TRX®, BOSU and weights, among other things, but my focus is on so much more than just building muscle or losing weight.

My gym days started in 2007 when I was prepping for America’s Got Talent with my a capella band, The Fault Line.  (Aca-awesome, I know….) Before this I never had the urge to lose the “baby fat” as everyone called it.   Now it was just about looking great on TV!  I significantly cut calories, downed protein drinks and was in the gym A LOT.  I felt good about myself for the show, but this just perpetuated an all too common pattern of weight loss and gain, which I had struggled with since my teen years.  And I wasn’t thinking about how I was doing the exercises.  I even got a hernia during this time and have no idea how it happened.  I definitely wasn’t doing any kind of mindful movement.

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent Semifinals Round 2 The Fault Line

You’re welcome for that pic…

After the first phase of my singing career fizzled out, my whole life took an overhaul, including my health and fitness.  I became certified in personal training through The National Academy of Sports Medicine and trained with the amazing folks at IOBT.   I also started really thinking about movement and balance- balance in the body, being able to balance in the most literal sense, and the act of finding balance in life as well.

When I really thought about how and why a movement was performed, things started to come together and stay consistent for me. I became intrigued by the anatomy and physiology of movement and a passion formed in finding healthy movement patterns and creating challenging exercises to promote healthy movement.  I took these ideas to my clients and they started to see results come to life.

I guide people through movement that is physically and intellectually challenging while keeping them safe through detailed cuing- a skill I learned by working at IOBT.  I can’t express how much I have learned and absorbed through daily discussions with the PTs, body workers, and Pilates professionals about healthy movement and the clients that we share.  I feel so lucky to work in a collaborative environment with so many knowledgeable professionals!

My approach is to not to have you stop what you’re doing, rather make what you are doing better and more efficient.  Whether you are a 12 year old in tai kwon do, a healthy and fit 35 year old, an inactive 50 year old, a 70 year old Pilates addict or anyone in between!  I have built a diverse community of clients that challenge me and allow me to grow on a daily basis.  It is not about doing 50-100 reps of an exercise with questionable form, but to do a few high quality reps that will make lasting changes for healthy, functional movement.  That is what keeps me stimulated in the profession: to watch my clients and myself grow, change, progress, and function better in daily life.

Call (919-361-0104) or email ( the studio to schedule a personal training session with Adam and check out his full bio here.


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