Real Men Do Pilates

It happened at an event just a week ago.  I was talking with a gentleman about our studio and he seemed very interested, but said:

            I would feel uncomfortable coming into a studio and doing Pilates with a bunch of women.   It’s not for men.


Baseball: MLB Season Preview: Portrait of Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta demonstrating Pilates workout on Reformer equipment during spring training photo shoot at Sloan Park. Mesa, AZ 2/27/2016 CREDIT: Robert Beck (Photo by Robert Beck /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images) (Set Number: SI-215 TK1 )

More and more athletes are using Pilates as a supplement to their training program.  Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jake Arrieta, recently talked to Sports Illustrated about his use of Pilates. “What I noticed from Pilates last year was that I have much better control of my body,” Arrieta says. “I repeat my delivery consistently. My balance is much improved. And the mental and physical toughness Pilates requires to complete movements the correct way have directly helped me on the mound.”  He reportedly gets on the reformer for about 20 minutes before every game.  (See the full article here)

And he is not the only one.


Tennis legend, Andy Murray used Pilates to recover from back surgery in 2013. (WSJ)


Kobe Bryant


Antonio Brown

And it’s not just for athletes.


Chef Ryan Pera uses Pilates to help keep his back strong for long shifts standing on his feet in his popular Houston restaurants. (Check out the article here)

And if you still aren’t convinced, check out these pics!

Let’s also remember that Pilates was….wait for it….a GUY!


Pilates (originally called Contrology) was named after Joseph Pilates, a boxer and gymnast from Germany who was an inventor and physical fitness expert.  He developed this system of exercise, along with all of the Pilates equipment, and was a pioneer of the health and fitness industry.   He encouraged and taught people how to move and be healthy so that they could go out and enjoy their lives!

So if you want to

  1. Build Strength
  2. Improve Flexibility
  3. Cross Train
  4. Prevent Injury
  5. Discover New Muscles
  6. Build Core Strength
  7. Decrease Stress
  8. Improve Posture
  9. Increase Body Awareness

you might want to join the ladies and take up Pilates!

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#RealMenDoPilates #brolates #DudesDoDoPilates


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