Is it time for you to take that first equipment class? Guest post by KimLien LaFitte

Many people only take private lessons and have never taken a class. This can be for many reasons: Perhaps they have recently recovered from an injury or surgery and don’t feel aware enough or strong enough to be on their own. You’re never out there on your own in a class though- your instructor is there to help you stay safe and enjoy the class! Maybe they like the one on one relationship or maybe they like to talk while they move (seriously, talking out loud helps some people learn). The dynamic is definitely different in a class and it can be intimidating and scary to think about being part of a group of movers, especially if it’s on the equipment and you just happen to be king or queen of introverts.
When you have private lessons, your instructor usually sets up the equipment for you, spends more time explaining the exercises, and goes at your pace. In a class, you have the task of listening well, staying focused, being responsible for moving safely and keeping up with the group and the pace that the instructor sets. As intimidating as this might seem, it’s also incredibly empowering. The energy of the group can help support and encourage.
Here’s a tip: Use your private sessions to prepare you for a class.
  • Let your instructor know you’re ready to take the leap and learn the basic exercises for a piece of equipment. Your instructor can spend part of your lesson calling you through them as if you are in a class.
  • If your instructor is encouraging you to take a class, believe her/him.
  • There are many classes that they can suggest for you as an introduction, or look for “sessions” that run for a period of weeks that are appropriate for beginners.
Now is your chance, you private lesson taking warrior. Buy a package of 5 privates and step into the world of classes with a free equipment class!

Re-program with Pilates-based PT

Guest post by Susan Rhea, PT, DPT


The other day a PT colleague asked me “what is the difference between traditional PT and Pilates based PT?” The question is one I’ve heard many times since beginning my work at IOBT yet it still excites me to share what I’ve learned from the Pilates world. 

One of the many differences I have seen using PBPT in my practice is being able to support the body while facilitating natural movement.  We are able to the Pilates equipment along with the traditional hands on techniques and patient education while approaching problems with a holistic perspective.  We are looking at the whole person, not just the injury or symptoms.

Many times injuries or less than optimal posture can cause imbalances in the body over time and if not corrected these compensations can cause issues down the road. In Pilates, we focus on finding balance and uniform development in the body by facilitating proper motor programming.  When you are injured the body changes the way it moves to protect the injured area, but over time this can lead to tightness and/or weakness. Even after strengthening and stretching, the central nervous system is still “programmed” to move differently from the days, weeks, or even years of compensation.  These unhealthy patterns will persist until they are “re-programed.”  At IOBT, our PTs work with your central nervous system to create NEW patterns and restore the natural movement of your joints and muscles. With the help of one of our amazing Pilates-Based PTs, you can reduce your pain, improve your posture, and return to the activities you love!


Contact the studio to set up your Pilates-based PT evaluation.


The Gift of Acupuncture. Guest post by Austin Dixon, L.Ac.


This time of year is one of the best times to talk about how beneficial acupuncture is for mental health. No matter how much we love or hate the holidays it is likely we will all experience some stress and overwhelm. There are more parties, more food, more drink, more expenses, and more opportunity for feelings of joy and gratitude as well as grief and sadness. Regardless of your outlook on the season, the holidays can be a lot to handle. One way to help hold onto a normal cool attitude towards life (or experience it for the first time) is through regular acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture is great for maintaining balance and good mental health. In Chinese Medicine we view the mind and body as a whole. What affects the mind will affect the body. Have you noticed that when you are stressed and feeling burdened by life’s twist and turns, your neck and shoulders may feel tight? Or maybe your stomach gets upset? These are physical manifestations of our mental health.

Acupuncture helps regulate the body, calm your nervous system, and clear your mind. It is a great form of self care, especially during times when emotions are running high and wild. If you find yourself among the stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed this holiday season take a deep breath. Give yourself the gift of mental peace and come in for acupuncture. I look forward to seeing you.

Why Should I Take Private Lessons? Guest post by KimLien LaFitte

Guest post by KimLien LaFitte
Many people have only taken classes. That’s how they started Pilates…that’s what they love… and let’s be honest, classes can be more affordable when you have a tight budget.
If you’ve taken classes for years and haven’t sprinkled in a private here and there, here is what you are missing!
  1. One on One – You get special attention! You can have your favorite teacher all to yourself.
  2. Observation – You have the opportunity to have a keen eye watch you move and help you make small adjustments to enhance your pilates practice.
  3. Q&A – It’s a good time to ask those burning questions you’ve had in class and haven’t had a chance to ask them.
  4. Tame the Beast – If you’ve struggled with that one exercise that never feels quite right, (Teaser anyone?) you can find out why and how to improve on it.
  5. Mindfulness – In a class it can be harder to focus just on you and your breathing and your awareness of your movement. A private can give you the opportunity to sink deeper into knowing your body and your movement habits – those that are helpful and those that are not so helpful.

Private lessons are rich with possibilities and now is a wonderful time to take advantage of this special and buy 1, 3 or 15 privates!

6 Reasons We Love Pilates Equipment Classes

Walking into a Pilates studio for the first time might be a little intimidating… Archaic looking structures made of wood, leather and metal with springs, straps, and fuzzy loops attached.  WEIRD. But, once you get to know the Pilates equipment, I promise you will understand and LOVE it!


Today is the 1st day of the 12 Days of Specials at InsideOut and the special is on Equipment classes.  So, I thought I would share a few reasons why we love Pilates equipment classes!


  1. Support- The equipment will support you, making the exercises a little easier…well maybe not easier, but easier to do with good form and alignment!  People who find Pilates mat or yoga classes too challenging or painful, often really enjoy the equipment. In a mat class, it’s just you, the mat and gravity!  The equipment will support and assist your body in an amazing way.
  2. Resistance- The springs provide resistance, but in a smooth and supportive way.  They act similarly to our muscles as they stretch and then recoil with our movements.  The resistance can be light or heavy, but the springs allow for smooth, graceful movement.
  3. Versatility- You can do SO. MANY. THINGS. on the equipment!  From beginner to highly advance, ANYONE can benefit.  There are hundreds of exercises in which you might be lying on your back to standing on your head.  The Pilates system of movement is so diverse and complete!  All body parts and types of movement are worked during each session!
  4. Challenging- You must be present during class as you have to focus on the exercises, breath, the equipment AND your movement.  This is challenging for the body AND mind, but is often a welcomed change from our daily stressors!
  5. Camaraderie- In a class, you have the support and sense of community from fellow classmates…whether they are cheering you on as you come up in Teaser on the reformer, or while joining in on a communal eye roll as the teacher says “3 more” after you have already done nearly 200 Hundreds!  We love seeing the friendships that form in our studio!
  6. Fun- It starts to look and feel like a playground for grown ups.  Have you been in the studio when someone suddenly flips upside down or stands on her head?  These things might sound impossible, but we have people of all ages and fitness levels doing fun, gymnastics-like exercises!  Only if you want…but the option is there! And even if you aren’t flipping around, the equipment is still really fun!


Don’t let the flipping and headstands intimidate you- ANYONE can take equipment classes!  At InsideOut, we just require you to take a minimum of TWO private sessions to get familiar with the equipment before starting a class.  We have classes for people just coming out of Physical Therapy (check out our Back to Health program!) as well as classes from Leveled from 1 (beginner) to 5 (advanced).  Check out our website for more information on our classes and to find the schedule. We hope to see you in class soon!