Is it time for you to take that first equipment class? Guest post by KimLien LaFitte

Many people only take private lessons and have never taken a class. This can be for many reasons: Perhaps they have recently recovered from an injury or surgery and don’t feel aware enough or strong enough to be on their own. You’re never out there on your own in a class though- your instructor is there to help you stay safe and enjoy the class! Maybe they like the one on one relationship or maybe they like to talk while they move (seriously, talking out loud helps some people learn). The dynamic is definitely different in a class and it can be intimidating and scary to think about being part of a group of movers, especially if it’s on the equipment and you just happen to be king or queen of introverts.
When you have private lessons, your instructor usually sets up the equipment for you, spends more time explaining the exercises, and goes at your pace. In a class, you have the task of listening well, staying focused, being responsible for moving safely and keeping up with the group and the pace that the instructor sets. As intimidating as this might seem, it’s also incredibly empowering. The energy of the group can help support and encourage.
Here’s a tip: Use your private sessions to prepare you for a class.
  • Let your instructor know you’re ready to take the leap and learn the basic exercises for a piece of equipment. Your instructor can spend part of your lesson calling you through them as if you are in a class.
  • If your instructor is encouraging you to take a class, believe her/him.
  • There are many classes that they can suggest for you as an introduction, or look for “sessions” that run for a period of weeks that are appropriate for beginners.
Now is your chance, you private lesson taking warrior. Buy a package of 5 privates and step into the world of classes with a free equipment class!

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